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What is included with our rentals?

Unlimited Kilometers
Roadside Assistance
Service & Maintenance
Comprehensive Insurance
Helmet & Phone Holder

What can you use a rental scooter for?

Food Delivery
Travel within 50km radius
Go To Work
Get a Learner Riders License
Go to University

What isn't included with a rental?

A toll pass for motorways
Riding gloves or rainwear
Food Delivery Bag
Phone charging cables
Late Payment Fees / Charges


Where are you located?

We are located in:

Brisbane: Upper Mt Gravatt & Springfield lakes

Canberra: Soon

How can I contact you?

Most of the question you may have, can be found in our FAQ page (this page).

You can also use our chat function during business hours. We usually respond in 2 hours at the most.

For most of the inquiries, there are forms on the website, and you can contact us through that.

You can also email us once you are in rental agreement.

How old are your scooters?

Our scooters are maximum 3 years old. At we take presentation and look of our vehicles very seriously. All the photos you see on our website are of our own vehicles.

What does it cost?

A $250 security bond is payable for all rentals, prior to commencing the hire terms. The $50 booking deposit is deducted from the $250 security bond, leaving $200 plus the first weeks hire payable upon pickup.

Subsequent rental payments will be processed automatically every 7 days.

What is the minimum hire period?

Our minimum hire period is 2 weeks on all of our scooters

How far can I ride?

Due to the way insurance works and the maintenance of our vehicle, we let the drivers drive within 50km radius of the pickup location.

If you have specific requirements, these need to be informed prior to the travel. Additional fees may be charged to cover the increased insurance costs.

What license is required to hire a scooter?

In Queensland, a valid car or motorcycle license is required for our scooters.

International license are welcome, as long as they are issued in English or have an English translation with them.

What type of insurance is included?

Comprehensive cover is included with all scooters and motorcycles.

If the bike is severely damaged and/or another vehicle is involved, the applicable insurance excess will be payable by you, unless the other party is proven to be at fault.

For small damages (scratches, broken mirrors etc.), these are normally deducted from your bond.

If the bike is stolen whilst in your possession, the applicable insurance excess will be payable by you.

Our Hire Agreement outlines this in further detail.

Will you supply insurance documentation?

Yes, if you require these documents we will provide a copy of the registration and insurance (with your name on it) to allow you to register for Uber Eats or Menulog.

This is only once you have completed all necessary paperwork and made payment.

What happens if I damage the scooter?

Loss or Damage to the Scooter

  • If there is minor Damage to the Scooter, you must pay a Damage Excess of $250;
  • If the Damage to the Scooter is more substantial and exceeds $250 but is repairable, you must pay the full Insurance access cost;
  • If the Damage to the Scooter is so substantial that it is not repairable, or it is lost or stolen and not recovered, You must pay for the Excess cost of the Scooter capped at $3,850.
  • If there is any Damage to the Scooter however it has been caused, You will forfeit the Security Bond which will be applied to the Damage or replacement cost.


Third Party Loss

  • If there is Third Party Loss arising from an accident, you must pay a Damage Excess of $2000 if you are between 18-20 years of age, $1,500 if You are aged between 20-24 years of age and $1000 if you are over 24.